Welcome! My name is Suzanne Duncan, and I am the founder of The Little Bottle Company. We offer hand-made bouquets of miniature liquor bottles. Blooming Bottles™ are uniquely personalized, spirit-filled arrangements to celebrate any special occasion. I came up with the idea in 1998 when I created my first one in my garage. Yep, another business that started in a garage! One of my relatives was turning 21 and I did not have any idea of what to get for him. At the time the miniature liquor bottles were only available on the military bases or on an airplane. I was in the Air Force reserves at the time serving active duty at Randolph Air Force base, so it allowed me access to these mini bottles. I purchased a dozen in all brands and flavors and took them home to get creative. It wasn’t enough for me to just throw them in a basket and hand them over to him, it is very important to me to put my own time and thoughtfulness into every gift I give. I decided to put each bottle on a wooden dowel and wrap them with his favorite color tissue and ribbons to dress them up. He was in college at the time so I also added a few condoms to be silly. He loved the gift and so did everyone else.

Over the years I have changed the way I create the liquor bouquets so that you can enjoy the bouquet by drinking the alcohol without ruining the gift. You actually have the ability to replace the bottles so you can enjoy it as a piece of artwork at your bar or on your counter — or even better, replace it with more alcohol! I have also always designed the bouquets bottoms up style, just as they would be when drinking them. Today our patented product comes in many colors, styles, embellishments, and lighting with the ability to enjoy it over and over again. No one else can offer that.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about us, we appreciate your business and sincerely hope you love and enjoy your custom arrangement handmade by one of our artist.

Suzanne M. Duncan