October 1, 2017 to December 19th, 2017

The Little Bottle Company is proud to announce our second annual Glimmer For Hope Program. Any time a customer makes a purchase of our Girls Edition Blooming Bottles, The Little Bottle Company will donate one to a local not for profit organization that advocates on the behalf of girls ages 12-18 in San Antonio.

Our Girls Edition Blooming Bottles Bouquet is made up of nail polish and lip gloss and presented like a bouquet of flowers. It is a gift that is pretty and fun, and allows a girl to be a girl. The program was created exactly as the name suggest, to provide a glimmer for hope for girls in an unfortunate situation or circumstance, that would not otherwise have someone show them kindness or have the means to put a gift under the tree. It is a gift that we hope will show them that someone cares about them and that things will get better. It is also a gift that allows them to be little girls for a moment and do fun things like put nail polish and lip gloss on.

If you purchase one for a special young girl you know, you can share with her that somewhere someone is also enjoying the bouquet just as much as they are.